Thursday, July 19, 2012

Trip Event 8: Rexburg Rapids

We went to Rexburg Rapids twice, once with Grandma Donna and once with Aunt Kaitlyn, Uncle Tim, and Uncle Spencer. We had a blast! They have a great area for kids to play, a wonderful lazy river, some slides and a "pool". I'm really surprise with all the work and money that it cost to build this place that the actual pool part is only 3 lanes wide, kind of seems like a waste.

Natalie on the slide

Em was a little unsure at first.

Who doesn't love a lazy river?

"Swimming" the lazy river

I love that Emily would just hold on as Kait toted her around
Kait and Spencer racing up the Aqua wall

Camille hates having water in her face so these videos are pretty amazing. She's getting brave. Of course, we have to have some jumping into the pool videos too.  These are super short because it was hard to get the girls to stay under very long.