Thursday, January 30, 2014


Tuesday January 7th

It was cold! The high was about 46 degrees, which when the sun was out and the wind wasn't blowing was okay but we were glad we had our coats.

Emily and I were able to find Nemo while the "big" kids were Soarin'

We liked that Donald's poncho matched with Em.
 Love her facial expression in the picture. She was willing to stand by Donald but not too close.

They're wishing...
 for Snow White to come

 She twirled each of the girls which resulted in big smiles!
Because Bekah is a rock star everyone got to meet Anna and Elsa from the movie Frozen.
At least one person from the group had to wait in line. The line was 2 hours long and it was cold outside.

I love how Lizzy's looking at Elsa

This picture just makes me go ohhh....
 I don't know why but I love this troll!
 After a few more fun earth and such we called it a night and didn't stay for the firework show. Everyone was cold, tired, and hungry.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Magic Kingdom

Monday January 6th

We arrived just in time to see a parade.

 Ready for a magical day.

 Little Cinderella found her castle.
 All Natalie wanted to do is go to the castle. (I think she's related to her Aunt Yvonne.)

Look who we ran into at the castle.

Sometimes you just need a cuddle from your Fairy God Mother.

 Uncle Kevin feeling confident in his strength held 2 six year olds so they could see the dancing princesses.
 We'll blame he's failure to pull the sword from the stone on the strain from holding the girls.
Thinking her Dad may have loosened it for her... 
 Camillie determined to give it a good try.

 We, of course, had to do some classic rides like Dumbo:
 Tea for two!
And we couldn't forget It's a Small World

There was much excitement in seeing Rapunzel's tower 
(If your at Magic Kingdom the restrooms by Rapunzel's tower are super cute!)

Meeting Ariel was a highlight for the girls.
 Natalie was SO excited to have a picture with Ariel

Seriously, these girls are lucky to have such great Dads!
Matching fleeces made it easy to count heads (which we did constantly)
I loved bring up the rear. I got to see people's faces as our party of pretty past. People were always counting and then going, "Wow! Oh look there's another." Even Lizzy had a striped fleece.

All day this girl kept asking to ride the horses

Wasn't hard to talk the rest of them into enjoying it.
 Lamp posts can be as fun as rides.
Brad couldn't let the little girls have all the fun.

Love this pic!
Disney should totally use this picture in their advertisements
These two are definitely having a magical moment. 

Fireworks are always fun.
Great ending to a great day!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Can I get a woop woop?!

Probably one of the most said phases during our trip to Florida. Of course, you can get a woop woop. We're on vacation and loving it!


So excited to see Disney stuff at the airport.
 I love how Em is looking at Snow White.

 Fiving it up with Mickey.
 Goofy Girls
 Totally exhausted and the fun hasn't even begun.

We met up with these people

After church and a stroll around the temple it was time to kick back and enjoy.
Seriously, nine little girls ages 11 and under ready to take on Disney. 
(Can I get a woop woop?!)

  It's so nice leave -20 degree weather and go somewhere warmer.
 This girl knows what I'm talking about!

Monday, January 13, 2014

7 months and counting

This little bug-a-boo is growing up way too fast. She's gotten extremely good at sitting on her own and has started to army crawl. 
 This is her "blue steel" face
 Oh little Lizzy Lee, how we love thee.
  "Look how strong I'm getting. I can bench press kitty with one hand."
 We started giving her solid foods the first part of December and she got some baby finger food in her stocking (which she's loving).

Christmas with kids

I love Christmas Eve, probably even more than Christmas Day. I just love it. After we acted out the nativity story (with Uncle Ryan serving as the donkey.) we opened our matching pjs and went on to have our finger food dinner while watching a movie. We didn't get a very far (or good picture of all of us in our matching pjs) because shortly after this picture was taken Natalie puked everywhere!
Christmas Eve didn't turn out how I hoped or imagined (Brad and Ryan are excellent puke cleaner uppers though). However Christmas Day was simply wonderful. (And there was no puke involved).

Christmas with kids is so much fun! Lizzy totally enjoyed the bathtub toys Grandma Myrna sent.
Yum fish!

All the girls were thrilled with their ponies.
Natalie's super excited face.
Camille exclaimed, "Cathy knew JUST what I wanted!"
Emily couldn't wait to get her's out of the box.
They then opted to push pause on opening presents and just play with their ponies. It was great. Brad and I went and watched a show for about 45 minutes until they came and got us to continue opening. 

A dress-up to fit our growing girl! (Someone tell her to stop)

Santa brought Emily the Littlest Pet Shop bunnies she was hoping for! (And everyone was excited.)
Emily and her blocks. She likes them lots and lots.
 A tower, a castle, there's lots to do. She'll spend all day building with you.
"Come on Dad get this put together!"
What a great way to get to the ball!
Gearing up for Disney!
Cutest little mouse.

These Minnie Mouses are ready to party!

These are definitely the favorite gift
Seriously, after they put these on they didn't come off for 3 days! After I washed them the girls put them right back on again.

Emily wanted to "hold" her Wizzy
Such a cute little Cinderella.