Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Idaho to New York part 2

Day Four
Stops: The Jolly Green Giant Statue, Wisconsin Capitol building, Downtown Milwaukee
Hotel Stay: Milwaukee, WI

Who knew such a thing existed

The girls found a baby giant.

After touring the capitol building we ate lunch at a place with a carousel.

Lake Michigan
Milwaukee has pink water!

Day Five
Stops: Willis Tower (A.K.A. Sears Tower) The museum of Science and Industry
Hotel Stay: Holland, OH (just out of Toledo)
103 stories high

No Fear Nattie
Camille is unsure
We were in those tiny boxes way up there.

Museum of Science and Industry
checkin' out the chicks
All aboard
Shadow dancing

Day Six
Stops: Kirtland,OH (Temple, Newel K. Whitney store, etc.)
Hotel Stay: Victor, NY

Day Seven
Stops: Palmyra, NY (Hill Cumorah, Smith Family farm, The Sacred Grove)
Arrive: Saratoga Springs, NY ---YEAH

Hill Cumorah

Smith Family log home
The Sacred Grove

Idaho to New York

See our week long adventure!

Day One
Stops: Yellowstone National Park
Hotel Stay: Sheridan, WY

Walking around the "hot pots"

Sisterly Love--Waiting for Old Faithful--

It didn't disappoint.

Day Two
Stops: Devil's Tower, Dinosaur park, Mt. Rushmore, The Badlands, Wall Drug Store
Hotel Stay: Murdo, SD
Devil's Tower
Playing Hide & Seek
Found a tepee to play in
Our "new" ride. (Camille calls him Ernie)
She REALLY wanted to scare the poor prairie dogs
Juice Break
The Three Horn
The Long Neck
The Swimmer

Those "guys" in the Mountain
Fake Smile...
This place rocks
The Badlands
These fellas were everywhere!

Day Three
Stops: The Corn Palace, The Sioux Falls falls
Hotel Stay: Blue Earth, MN

Made outta corn
Outside the "palace"
She loves corn

Sioux Falls falls

Preparing to JUMP!

Stay turned for days four through seven.....

Friday, September 17, 2010

Too much playing...

...not enough work!!

We're suppose to leave in the morning to start our 6 day drive to New York but we just can't seem to stop playing and buckle down and get the packing done! :)

Played in Grandma Donna's ditch water. (Mil is just warming up on the driveway.)

We did some more hot air balloon rides.

Grandpa Lewis took us for a airplane ride.

We flew over our house.

and many more things we haven't taken pictures of.