Monday, December 22, 2008


Okay here are the details:
Baby Girl #2 should be gracing us with her presence around the 10th of April. We're excited. We think Camille will be excited! The only thing I'm dreading is deciding on a name. Any suggestions?

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Oh Primary

I love being in Primary! I realized the other day out of the 6 1/2 years we've been married I've been in a Primary calling for 5 of the years. (Does that say anything about my maturity level?) Well, those primary kids always keep you on your toes but that's what makes it so fun. Today I was talking with one of our Primary teachers when her 5 year old looks up at me and says "You're pregnant!" I could see the look of horror creep onto her mother's face. It was nice to be able to say "Yes, you're right, I am pregnant." Her mother looked relieved and I'm glad that I'm pregnant and not just fat!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It pays to be cute!

Today Camille and I went to the bank. We walked in the doors and there were 3 workers that just swooned over her. They all thought she was soo cute and looked like Cindy Lou Who. (I'm not one to argue.) As I was getting my deposit ready one of the workers came up and asked if Camille could have a treat. I said yes imagining a Tootsie Roll, a dum-dum, or some smarties. The lady came back with one of those plastic candy canes filled with M&Ms. Of course, I couldn't get Mil to say thank you but she did score quite the "treat". We'll work on thank you and next time we're at the bank give it another try!

Camille with her treat
Mom let her have a few pieces
A mouthful (she's throwing away part of the wrapper)

M&M face

Friday, December 12, 2008

Getting beat by a girl

Brad's a good Dad. He and Camille have a great time playing together.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Camille has been a little sick the last few days. Yesterday after her nap she woke up looking and feeling worse then when I'd put her down. I decided it was time for a "sick day" (You know the days you didn't feel good and your mom just let you laze around and watch movies.) I put on Sword and the Stone (I don't think Mil has ever really watched a movie.) and got her all snuggled down and she lasted about 20 minutes before she needed to be held. We pretty much got nothing else done the rest of the afternoon. I guess we'll do the movie in 20 minute segments until she feels better.

Monday, December 8, 2008


Have you played?

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Camille meets Wendy...

Today at 2:00 pm the power went out which I didn't think much of because the only electricity I was using was the oven. (I had a batch of cookies in and so I just left them in the nice warm oven until I thought they'd be done.) Besides the cookies, which seem to have done fine, (Well, at least it didn't stop me from eating 4 of them.) our afternoon went on as normal. We read books, got the mail, played with the junk mail, Mil climbed all over Mom, we had a snack, did some light cleaning etc. I was going to vacuum but decided I'd sweep and mop instead. I got the whole kitchen swept and ready to mop when I realized I live in the country, (Hence I have a well, hence I need electricity for the pump to run, hence no water.) so I didn't mop the floor. (I was really broken hearted about that!)

It wasn't until about 4:45 pm that I began to wonder what does one do with a 15 month old when the power is out and it gets dark. Too early for bed (darn it!). So, we dusted out the flashlight and played follow the light around the house, put the light in Mom's mouth and laugh when it glows red, peek-a-boo, point out our body parts with the light, and put different colored cups over the light so it glows all cool. The cups turned out to be more exciting to stack and restack then to use with the light, oh well Camille was entertained.

5:30 pm Dad gets home and got out the lantern to light up the house. I decide we need to eat and I'm not in the mood for cold leftovers so we went to see what Rigby had to offer. I'm smart enough to be able get out of my garage without the electric door opener :) Well, we ended up at Wendy's. It was nice to see we weren't the only ones. (We ran into a few families from the ward.) Camille had her first fast food experience. I thought "Heck she never eats junk" so she got a burger, fries, and chocolate milk. Yes, Wendy's offers healthy choices but it was a special occasion. (Okay, Brad took the chocolate milk since I grabbed her milk before we left the house.) She loved the fries and ate a surprising amount of her burger. Her favorite was sharing a frosty with Daddy and having a new toy to bring home. All in all the day was a success and the power was back on by 8:00 pm so we'll have heat tonight as we slumber.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Mmm Turkey!

One of the best things about Thanksgiving is leftovers. Tonight I concocted some homemade turkey noodle soup. I love homemade noodles. I impressed myself since I'd never made turkey noodle soup before. (Like it's hard to mess up, veggies, meat, and noodles!) I'm glad my Mama sent us home with some leftover turkey. (Since I convinced her we needed 2 turkeys for 22 people, I was hoping for leftovers.)
We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. My mom hosted us at her house and we all brought food to contribute. Besides a great meal we enjoyed family. My brother, Gus introduced us to a new fabulous game. (Ingenious, if you like games you'll love it!) We watched episodes of Monk, played the Wii, ate Nutella, celebrated birthdays, went to the temple, and just had a great time together. Of course, I was having such a good time I didn't even think to take pictures, rats. Well, maybe at Christmas I'll get some family shots. Even before such a fun holiday break I had so much I was thankful for but spending time with family just reaffirms how much we truly have. We love you all!