Wednesday, May 9, 2012

An isty bitsy spider

I know there are bigger spiders out there but this is the biggest one I've ever found in my house. Spiders don't really bother me however, this one did startle me when I turned around.  There he was just lounging in the middle of the kitchen floor. (Seriously, where did he come from? I hope he travels alone.)
 A little to a wide mouth Mason jar and Emily's boot.

 We decided to save him until Dad can come home and met him. (Then Brad can dispose of him. Win-win!)

I don't know, I kinda think he needs a name...

Monday, May 7, 2012

Swimming with the Fishes

I know I've mention this to some of you before but I am really impressed with preschool program at the YMCA. There's so many great things about it. One of the things that we've all really enjoyed is the field trips. Usually the whole family is invited to attend. This last week we got to go to Lake Moreau State Park and help stock the fish. There were about 2500 rainbow trout that needed to be taken off the truck and dumped into the lake. Even though it was chilly and we got wet (which made it a little more chilly) we all had a blast.

The girls got the hang of it quickly and kept going back for more.
  Em was a solemn observer.

 Back in line for some more buckets.

 Our little friend, D, in the background helped when one of Natalie's fish swam the wrong way and got beached.
 Camille saw D holding the fish and really wanted to pick one up. She was a little too timid to actually grab a hold of them.
 She resorted to just dumping them in.
 We had to give Emily a chance to "play" with the fish.

She wanted in on the action but it was too cold to let her in the water.

 Afterwards we changed into dry clothes and had lunch.
 Camille inhaling her hot dog.

Such a fun experience. When we're at Lake Moreau this summer we won't be afraid of the fish, we're old friends now.
Video action our experience can be found here.