Monday, October 28, 2013

Trunk or Treat

Every year our church does a Chili cook-off / Trunk or Treat party. I like coordinate our family's costumes. Natalie wanted to be princesses (BORING --besides I gave in and did that last year.). We compromised. To the church party we would go in coordinating costumes and on "real" Halloween the girls could wear whatever costumes they wanted. (Read--Natalie will be going as Cinderella).

Camille came up with the idea for our family costume and then I filled in the details. I think we turned out pretty cute.  

Sleepy heads
  Even Little Liz managed to sport some curlers for the party
 Ready for real bed. They had a great time Trunk or Treating.
 Our costumes were great; comfy, warm, ready for bed upon arrival home, and hair already done for church the next morning.
Curler aftermath
   It was Emily's first time with curlers. She loved them.   "I have turly hair. Watch this. (pulling on a curl and letting it go.) Boing, boing!" 
All through church. "Watch this! Boing! Boing!"

Miss Nattie J
 Toothless Camille
 Hopefully, real Halloween proves to be just as fun.


Math class is 3 for 4 for Camille's lost teeth. I guess she's really good at subtraction. Or she likes getting out of Math to go to the nurse.☺

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Phalanges Fetish

Lizard has discovered her feet.
 She thinks toes are tasty.
  Nothing makes her happier then when I have to uncover her feet to change a diaper. (Good luck getting to the diaper once those toes are free.)

If it weren't so chilly in the house I'd leave them uncovered for her all the time. They're the prefect built-in chew toy.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Leaves, Liz, and Loose Teeth

 Last Fall Brad talked me into getting a leaf blower. I was skeptical...yeah totally worth it.
 It's way more fun to "help rake" the leaves when Dad does all the hard work.
 Lizzy unsure about jumping in the leaves.
They love when Dad gets them with the blower.
 Goofy girls
 A bed of leaves
Half way done.
Once Brad finished he got to do it all over again 3 days later. :)

Camille just lost tooth #3 and #4 is super duper loose.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Pumpkin Patch for Preschool

Who doesn't love a good field trip. Nattie's class went to Ellms Family Farm. Emily, the Liz and I all got to join in the fun; farm toys, jumping pillow, pumpkin patch, corn maze, apple cider and donuts, animals.

 Natalie could play in the water ALL day. She only left these water pumps because we were getting a turn on the jumping pillow.

Too cute to scare the crows away

 Emily LOVED the jumping pillow.
 Natalie's teacher was right up there enjoying it will the kiddos.
 I got a lot of fun action shots.

Jumping makes you tired
 Some serious tractor driving
 Natalie loved the cute little bunnies
 Donuts and apple cider --that's how I say Fall!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The 3 Promises

Check out this respectful, responsible, and caring citizen we have at our house.
Glad our Camille is making good choices when she's at school.