Monday, March 30, 2009

Visitors beware...

Your shoes will be confiscated when you come to our house!

Our friends, Wyatt and Jana, came to play with us the other day. Wyatt was happily playing with some blocks while Camille was raiding the shoe basket for some "new" shoes to wear for the evening...
Wyatt saw Camille attempting to don his shoes and being the gentleman that he is went and gave her some assistance. (Ahhh...a little Prince Charming)

Now, Mil was ready to play! Although a toy baby isn't as fun as a real baby....

Jana got a lot of love while she was here! *

(*Don't worry Melody, no Janas were harmed during the filming of this production!)

Friday, March 20, 2009

I'm glad I'm not a cow...

literally. Not figuratively because figuratively I think it could be augured that I am a cow. I'm big, I waddle around, I graze all day, and I'm having a baby during calving season. So, yes you could say figuratively I am a cow. However, I've been watching the cows across the street the last few weeks and I'm so glad I'm not them! They look uncomfortable (I don't think I look uncomfortable but then again I don't have to look at myself.) and when they are ready to calve they just plop that sucker out where ever they're standing. Their field is dirty, cold and let's face it, usually windy. Then this poor tiny creature comes out and has to deal with the March wind and momma cow trying to get them to stand up and walk. Oh, the calves are cute on their wobbly legs but I'm just glad that my experience SHOULD be much more comfortable and sanitary. Just three more weeks...

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Mr. Frugal

Brad was telling me that he really needed some new shirts for work. In the last week he's come home with two ripped shirts. (What do they do out there on the desert?) I didn't really want to have to buy him any new clothes. Both shirts were repairable, so no big deal.

Well, the other day I was ironing and noticed all of his shirts were starting to look pretty worn out and that indeed he was going to need some new clothes. (I hate it when he's right!) I figured I'd hit the mall and see what was on clearance. Then over the next couple of months we could buy a shirt or two at a time to build him a stock pile. Being the frugal man that he is he suggested we stop and take a quick look at D.I. It turned out to be a FABULOUS idea. Not only did we score ten (yes, TEN) good shirts for him (all kinds of good brand names without the brand name prices!) but I found the kind of stuffed monkey I'd been wanting to get Camille. Ten shirts, one stuffed monkey, and a toy car later we still have money in the bank. :) Brad insisted Mil needed the car as well as the monkey and when you're talking a dollar each, you can't go wrong. (Brad would probably be embarrassed that I just told everyone that his shirts are from D.I. but really they are nice. And at $5.00 a shirt how can I not brag!)

Oh, Brad's keen shopping eye doesn't stop there. We went to Idaho Falls and were helping Ryan pick out some new shoes. Can I tell you that watching Camille in a shoe store is like watching a kid in a candy shop. She was in HEAVEN! (She is such a girl!) Brad found these cute little boots, just her size, that were on clearance. Regular price $25.00, on clearance for $10.00, plus there was an additional $5.00 off so all we paid was $5.00. Here's a video of Millie enjoying her monkey.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Chop chop

I've been telling Brad since Thanksgiving that I was going to cut my hair. He was hesitant but I told him now is the best time because all the pregnancy hormones make my hair grow like crazy. So, if he or I hated it it wouldn't take long to get back to a length we were both use too. Now, that it's March I finally got around to having it cut.
For some of you just below the shoulder isn't short but for me it was a big step. (With all this wind lately I'm glad to have it shorter!) I really am loving it (as you can see from the cheesy grin in this picture.)*

*Bonus: You get to see a belly picture (Yes, it's big but one more month is all!)