Sunday, June 30, 2013

How do you spend Saturday afternoon?

Thursday, June 27, 2013

"Hair"s our new look

The girls' hair desperately needed a trim.  Camille said she really wanted to cut her almost to her shoulders. It took a little bit to convince Brad. (I think when he hears "I want my hair shorter" he envisions a pixie cut.) He was hesitant but said I should take her somewhere to get it done. I took her to the Hairport in Greenfield. Ten dollars and six inches later, she was a happy girl. The lady didn't cut it as short as Camille had originally said but I think she was happy with how it turned out. (I think Brad is glad that it's still long.)

 As I'm taking pictures of Camille, Natalie is begging me to take some pictures of her too. I said I'd snap three.

Here's what I got:

 Yup she's Natalie!

I managed to take a before shot of her and then inspired by Camille's "short" hair, I cut Natalie's hair after her bath.
Camille said that her back and neck will be much cooler now and that it's still long enough for me do hairstyles for her. I'm just glad it looks less straggly on the days (Which are more frequent now that baby sister is here and there's no school.)  I don't do it. :)

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A "Moth" See

Natalie was excited to show me something on the front porch that Uncle Ryan found.

One awesome looking moth. 

  Pretty big, slightly injured but we put it down and came back later and it was gone. Happy trails Mr. Moth thanks for letting the girls hold you. It made their day.

 Camille's turn

Thursday, June 20, 2013

No more pencils...

We made it through the whole school year. Camille did great this school year and can't wait to be a first grader next year.

Look how we've changed over the year.

The girls enjoying their "Orange you glad it's summer?" treats.
I figured we needed to do something to celebrate summer starting. What better way to celebrate then with orange soda, Cheetos and Reese's peanut butter cups?
I'm glad it's summer. I'll be excited to have a flexible schedule and not having to be dressed for the bus stop. :)

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The other girls

Since a lot of the posts of late have been about this little princess

I thought it was about time to document something about the other girls. 

Camille has been taking gymnastics for the past two years. Lately she's been spending a lot of time on the balance beams. They scare her but she loves them at the same time. This summer our gym is moving locations so we'll take a little hiatus for the summer and start back when school starts again.

Camille and Coach Rose

Camille and her class from this year.

Natalie just completed her first year of gymnastics. She loves it. She was SO excited when she turned 3 because it meant that she could do gymnastics just like Camille.
Natalie's class this year.

I love my little gymnasts and hope they love being in gymnastics as much as I love them doing it!

Grandma Myrna, Emily, and Brad attended the last day of class/award ceremony while I was home with a 2 day old baby. 

Monday, June 17, 2013

Oh blessed day...

I mean blessing day.
It's official, Elizabeth Lee Wilding. She got a name and a blessing at church. (Then she, Mom and Dad ditched and went home early.)

The Wilding Troop

Happy Father's day to this great Daddy of four!

Camille and Lizzy Lee
Nattie and Lizard Breath
Emmie and her baby
Hanging with the G-parents

"Sometimes I just like to sit and ponder."

Grandma Myrna made yet another beautiful blessing dress for yet another Wilding girl :)

2 Weeks

Lizzy been doing a good job these last two weeks eating, sleeping, pooping, and growing.

Two week check-up:
Weight: 7 lbs 10.5 oz. = 24% (up a pound from her discharge weight.)
Height 20.5 inches (down half an inch from the hospital but up half an inch from her last check-up.) = 53%
Head 13 3/4 inches = 21% Yes my babies have small heads but big brains :)

Emmie and her baby

"Ugh what's that smell?"

"Are you kidding me?"

"I'm practicing my tummy time. Mom makes me do it with the added weight of a 3 X 5 card on my back so I have a little more resistance."

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

One Week Old

Time is already going too fast!

 There's nothing like a swing

Such a sweetie!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Arrival of the Fouth Beauty

May 28, 2013
9:45 am - Doctor's appointment (Fluid check, non-stress test, dilation check = 3 cm)
11:00 am- Admitted to the hospital (After much debate at the Dr. office whether or not to go to lunch first - hospital won.)
12:30 pm  - Dr. Bock comes to check (She's glad we didn't go to lunch.)
1:04 pm - Baby arrives
 Love the pout lip

  She's thinks life on the outside is rough

  • Meconium in the fluid so they hand the baby straight to the pediatrician to be suctioned. During the hand off she pees on the floor. (at least we know all of her bowels work).  Within a few minutes I get to hold her.
  • Dr. Bock shows us that indeed the umbilical cord only had two vessels. 
  • There was a true knot in her umbilical cord. Dr. Bock said she doesn't often see true knots usually they're partial knots. The Doctor was having all the staff in the room check it out. (So we figure Liz is super talented and maybe can become a contortionist or something.)
  • Sisters and Grandma got to come meet the baby.  Camille asks, "Mom, did they have to cut you or did the baby come out the easy way?" Which made me smile. I told her the easy way. (Although, I don't think there is an "easy way" to have a baby but we're sure glad everything went so quickly and smoothly.)
  • As the girls were headed out the door to go home little Emily turns and says, "Dood job, Mom."
  • Ryan and Tara also came by.
  The newest big sister

May 29, 2013
 Elizabeth goes to get an ultrasound of her kidneys. With a two vessel cord there is a possibility of problems with the kidneys so the pediatrician ordered the ultrasound just to be on the safe side. It was pretty cool that just the day before we were seeing  Elizabeth through ultrasound and then the next day she was on the other side of the ultrasound screen being looked at.

 Every girl needs a crown (and a chance to experience Rapunzel hair.) 

May 30, 2013
 A little jaundice

Dr. said she had a slight tongue-tied

ENT comes and looks and isn’t concerned in the least

She officially gets a name and gets to come home.

The changing to go home picture 

The now I'm dress picture
Strapped and ready to go