Monday, June 17, 2013

Oh blessed day...

I mean blessing day.
It's official, Elizabeth Lee Wilding. She got a name and a blessing at church. (Then she, Mom and Dad ditched and went home early.)

The Wilding Troop

Happy Father's day to this great Daddy of four!

Camille and Lizzy Lee
Nattie and Lizard Breath
Emmie and her baby
Hanging with the G-parents

"Sometimes I just like to sit and ponder."

Grandma Myrna made yet another beautiful blessing dress for yet another Wilding girl :)


Barb said...

That was quick! We probably won't do Annie's until August

Didi & Jason said...

She is soooo beautiful! Wish I could snuggle her!

Melody said...

What a beautiful girl! In fact, what an entirely beautiful family! Even Brad! :) Give that sweet baby a snuggle from aunt melody. Miss you! ♥