Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The other girls

Since a lot of the posts of late have been about this little princess

I thought it was about time to document something about the other girls. 

Camille has been taking gymnastics for the past two years. Lately she's been spending a lot of time on the balance beams. They scare her but she loves them at the same time. This summer our gym is moving locations so we'll take a little hiatus for the summer and start back when school starts again.

Camille and Coach Rose

Camille and her class from this year.

Natalie just completed her first year of gymnastics. She loves it. She was SO excited when she turned 3 because it meant that she could do gymnastics just like Camille.
Natalie's class this year.

I love my little gymnasts and hope they love being in gymnastics as much as I love them doing it!

Grandma Myrna, Emily, and Brad attended the last day of class/award ceremony while I was home with a 2 day old baby.