Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Last day of First Grade

June 25th last day of school (FINALLY). Going this late into June KILLS me. I just want it to be summer and to be able to play with my kids.

Waiting for the school bus to drop Camille off.

 She has to cross the finish line to make finishing first grade official!


Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Done for the season.

 Lizzy was given her first balloon while the girls finished their last lesson.
 She loved it!

Natalie finishes Preschool

Last day of Preschool. She was SUPER excited about the last day of school party.

 Ready to graduate.

Sporting a little bit of a shiner from running in to another kid during the last day party.
 Natalie and all her friends from church that did preschool at the Y. 

 In 2027 we'll be doing this again when she completes high school.

Chalk, Frogs and Lawn Mowers

June is such a fun month here in New York. It's too bad the girls don't finish school until the END of the month. With nice afternoons and evenings we still get to enjoy our days.

 Lizzy is pleased to have a Popsicle
I love that my girls will catch frogs. (and I love that we find frogs in our yard.)

Some friends gifted us with their old riding lawn mower when they bought a new one. With a few little teaks Brad had it up and going. Of course, everyone needed a turn to drive!

 We found this little guy waiting fora turn too. 

Monday, June 23, 2014

Cousin time

It only took us four months but we finally took some pictures of Lizzy and Addison together. It's fun watching these two grow up.
They are 8 months apart

Addi weighs just less than Lizzy ( like 7 oz.)

 And Liz is taller 
 I think they're going to be good friends.

Friday, June 13, 2014

It's getting hot out there.

These girls are loving making our own popsicles.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Party Time!

The girls told me that we needed to make a Lizard cake for our lizard and I totally agreed.
We were pretty pleased with how it turned out.
Let the present opening begin

She mostly just want to knock things over and carry packages around
Of course putting things in and out of a bag is always a fun game.
These girls were excited to get a sticker book. (Thanks Caffy)

A toy bind that she can pull around, genius!
She was loving walking around with her helmet on
Smash cake...first taste of cake.
 First time having ice cream...she's a total fan.

 Matching birthday skirts

Oh Lizzy you sure make us smile!