Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Wild Weekend

We had the Wilding family reunion this weekend. It was a lot of fun.

Some highlights:

  • Cody getting baptized
  • Payson getting blessed
  • Grandkids SOAKING Grandma during a impromptu water fight.
Famous lines from the water fight...

Donna: Okay! Call your kids off (when she was stuck in the fort being sprayed by Kaylee -6 years old )

Kaylee: This is so fun! (Everytime she ran back to fill up her spray gun)

Donna: You're all morons! (When she was still stuck in the fort)

  • We were able to get a picture of the 4 girls born in 2007. They are all so fun. We had a great time watching them interact. (For some reason we didn't take a picture of the 4 baby girls born this year.)Alli, Lexi, Millie, Evie

  • We were all subjected to an old Wilding favorite...It turned out to be a big hit and the kids wanted to watch it again the next day!

Besides some bruises left behind from the apple war I think everyone survived unscathed.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Hey chunky!

This is what 3 months and 14 pounds looks like:

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Hawaii Trip Part 2

OAHU - On Oahu we were luckily enough to stay that the Kinghorn household, (THANKS KINGHORNS!) it was a great home base for all our adventures.

My sister, Yvonne greeted us with the traditional leisCamille was alseep when we arrived so she didn't get hers until the next morning

She wore it for a minute before proceeding to rip the flowers apart!

Girls chilling after a long Sunday

4th of July - We visited the Honolulu Zoo and then hit up Matt and Yvonne's ward picnicOur future Zoo Keeper

Matt playing tour guide "See girls those are animals"

Three girls in a tub....rub a dub

Abi LOVED the picnic...MMM Oreos!

Camille begging some shaved ice

Pali LookoutIt's a great view but REALLY windy


We decided to get them all tatooed
This is the Elvis tree --(You can see it in his movie Blue Hawaii)

Arizona Memorial
Pounders a.k.a. The Johnny Lingo Beach

Getting ready for some serious body boarding

Matt, Karen, and Donna (Yes Donna is wearing a life jacket)
It turned out to be a little more serious then we thought :)

Brad catching a "wave"

Nattie definitely enjoyed the beach!

Our little beach bum

Sharks CoveThat's a school of fish behind me.

Hanauma BayMil relaxing in her own little pool

One of the three turtles we swam with during our trip

If you look closely you can see Brad behind that turtle

If you want to scare your kids just put on a snorkel mask and crawl up on shore towards them.

RandomnessConging the gong at the Buddhist temple

A day at the beach is enough to wear anyone out!


The Dagobah SystemI think Yoda lives in here somewhere


Catch a wave and your sitting on top of the world...

Laie Temple - It was closed for reconstruction but we stopped at the visitor center

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Hawaii Trip Part 1

Here is a little glimpse of the Maui portion of our trip...

Chilling at the CondoWe dragged these four rug rats everywhere

Always time for a story

Sunrise on the Haleakala It was COLD!

I posted this one for Uncle Matt (He says it's a classic!)

Happy even though we woke them up EARLY

It's a long ways to the ocean!

Blow Hole Camille LOVED climbing down to the blowhole!

Road to HanaQuite the drive!

One of many waterfalls

Mil excited to out of the car after puking on herself (Hence the reason she has no pants on.)

Black Sand beach

Seven PoolsBrad getting ready to jump

I enjoyed the waterfall

Iao ValleyLahaina Town Second biggest banyan tree in the world (It took up a whole city block!)

Aquarium Millie's version of snorkeling

Camille loves her new slippers (a.k.a. flip flops)

One of the many cool/scary roads we drove