Monday, September 30, 2013

A third of a year old

While I was busy celebrating 32, Miss Lizzy turned 4 months old. I took her in for a check up today. She's healthy and growing well. 

Height: 24.75" --66%
Weight: 13 lb 9 oz -- 47% (I didn't believe this since last month she was 13.2 lbs but I threw her back on the scale after the nurse left and that's what it was.)
Head: 15.75 --22%

 So solemn about getting older
 Could not get her to crack a smile.
 I heard something
 What could it be?
Don't worry I think I'm strong enough to arm wrestle it to the ground.
 Haha it was just my sister.

I like to try and fit both hands in my mouth.
 I can smile while I'm doing it.
 Yup life's pretty good.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

2 to the 5th

As my nerdy brother pointed out I am now 2^5 years old.  
(Yup that's 32 if you didn't want to do the math ☺ )

What a good day it was. Weather wise is was GORGEOUS. We got to spend a fun morning at the park with a bunch of friends. (Thanks Ashley for having the same birthday as me so I could leech off of your party!) Cake, fun, friends, a good game of volleyball (with bruises to prove it). A quiet afternoon at home and then a yummy dinner with a fun cake and presents. 
Thanks everyone who helped make my day special. I got lots of phones calls, emails, Facebook messages, etc.

My minions decided I needed a minion cake. (Way easier than last year's mermaid. Click here.)

Everyone helped blow the candles

 This is the best gift ever!
 See...awesome...already being properly used!
 Just the other day I threw away all our crappy thermometers. 
 Ignore the "I haven't showered" look.

Love these sweet girls.

 A little something for everyone.

Color Me Rad Family Edition

This year the entire family decided to run wild and do the Color Me Rad 5k. Last year I was the only Wilding to participate. (See post here.)
These two goofs are ready!
Brad was able to fit Emily and The Liz into the stroller. (Em was a good sport being squished next to the car seat.)
Our friends the Porters and their three kids "ran" with us.
First color station orange--can ya tell?
The crew

Well we didn't win any races but even with all these little feet we finished in less than an hour (58 minutes)
We let Emily out just before the finish so she could run through some color.
Wahoo we did it.
These kiddos said they want to do it again next year.

Camille the Colorful
B-Rad and his girls
Lizzy safe and sound in the covered stroller slept through the whole thing.
 Glad I talked this busy man into doing it with me.
The kids had fun throwing color packets on each other.

This is one of my favorite pictures --love those dirty little heads.
Camille loved her Rapunzel colored hair.
Thanks Porters for joining us--what a RAD time!

Monday, September 23, 2013

A Saturday at Sally's

Two Saturdays ago we spent the afternoon with Aunt Sally. (One of Brad's former co-workers.)
It was a gorgeous day.

We spent some time with Joy:


 And Blue:
 Blue let us brush and ride him.  Click HERE for video
 Sally has the perfect saddle for our little ladies
 So many smiles
 Nattie J
 The conversation quickly turned to how much they like horses and how they think we should get
one for Christmas or someone's birthday.
 Miss Emmers

Thanks Sally! We had a great afternoon.