Sunday, September 29, 2013

2 to the 5th

As my nerdy brother pointed out I am now 2^5 years old.  
(Yup that's 32 if you didn't want to do the math ☺ )

What a good day it was. Weather wise is was GORGEOUS. We got to spend a fun morning at the park with a bunch of friends. (Thanks Ashley for having the same birthday as me so I could leech off of your party!) Cake, fun, friends, a good game of volleyball (with bruises to prove it). A quiet afternoon at home and then a yummy dinner with a fun cake and presents. 
Thanks everyone who helped make my day special. I got lots of phones calls, emails, Facebook messages, etc.

My minions decided I needed a minion cake. (Way easier than last year's mermaid. Click here.)

Everyone helped blow the candles

 This is the best gift ever!
 See...awesome...already being properly used!
 Just the other day I threw away all our crappy thermometers. 
 Ignore the "I haven't showered" look.

Love these sweet girls.

 A little something for everyone.


Unknown said...

I love you Karen! You are so fun! Miss your family LOTS.

Yvonne Anderson said...

Great job on the cake

Gregory Hart said...

It is important to know things like I am 2^5. For example your age can be represented by a single byte. So you are obviously still young.