Sunday, April 21, 2013


When I was a kid and had a friend over when my Dad would come home from work they would be accosted with the question, "WHO ARE YOU!?"  It didn't matter if he had met them before or not. It was my Dad's way of being friendly though it was said in a loud, accusing, demanding scary voice.  Of course, some kids would shyly whisper their names while others would boldly answer. Usually, it was followed by an "Oh" from my father and he'd be about his business.

As we get closer to little girl number four joining us on the "outside" I wish she could answer the question "WHO ARE YOU?!" Seriously, I think naming a child is the most stressful part of having one. Some of you may have heard me say I would be willing to go through labor twice in a row if the child would come out with a name tag. No joke, I would do it. I think it would be totally worth the pain.

 This time around I think it's harder than the first or second time (third time was extremely difficult). There are more factors in the mix; does it match or fit with the other girls names, is it too common (as much as I love Emily, I often kick myself  for using a name that is SO common.), does it fit with the middle name we'd like to use, do we agree on it, is it meaningful for us in some way, do our other girls like it, cousins have been added to the mix making the pool of names to pick from more slim (I know we can use the same name as a cousin or other family member but we just...can't.)

Granted, Brad and I don't name a baby until we meet them face to face but it's nice to have some ideas or a narrowed down list of possibilities. That being said we're open to real suggestions (Yes, Bertha, Gertrude, and all those have been suggested but let's face it they're not making the cut.)

The other day I came across a website where you could put in a name and it would show common sibling names for that name. Which I thought was super cool. I put in all three girls names and got these lists. It's nice to see we've done a good job so far of having our kids' names "go" together...There are a lot of the names of these lists that I love but fall in with the above mention factors.

Common Sibling Names for Camille (Meaning Virginal, unblemished character)
ChloeOliviaCarolineClaireSophiaAudreyNatalieLaurenCharlotte, Emily, Kaitlyn, Abigail,

Common Sibling Names for Natalie (Meaning: Good birthday or Christ’s birthday)
Emily,  OliviaHannahNicoleLaurenAbigailSamanthaMadisonSophiaAllison Claire, Kaitlyn, Abigail

Common Sibling Names for Emily (Meaning: industrious)
Sarah,  AbigailHannahElizabethAshleyOliviaMeganAllisonNatalieLauren, Claire, Kaitlyn, Madeline

Anyhow, this is what has been occupying my thoughts lately.  (Well this and what is the maximum amount of ice cream I can eat a day without having it added to places I don't want it.)

Monday, April 15, 2013

Birthdays are FUN!

This kid has been excited for her birthday since the beginning of the year. Hopefully, it was everything she was dreaming it would be.
She kept inviting people to her birthday. (Usually we just do cake, ice cream, and presents as a family)  So she and I talked and decided we could invite some friends over to play in the morning and have some cupcakes. I think the play date was a success. I let the kids play with cushions from the couches and blew up some balloons for them. Everyone seemed to have fun and Natalie felt like she got to include people in her birthday.

She requested to go bowling with the family for her birthday (Which we did sans camera)
She also wanted a Rapunzel cake.

This is what we came up with:

 She was super happy with it. And excited that she was going to get to keep the little Rapunzel Doll that was on it.
 (Yes, you're seeing snow in the yard. It rained/ ice pelleted/snowed on her birthday

This is classic Nattie. Super excited and finger in the belly button :) 
 She's a great big sister to Emily. She is ALWAYS willing to help her and often I'll her her say, "Come on Emmie, I'll help you, let's go." as she takes her hand or puts her arm around her.
She loves went Camille has a "day off from school." The two of them will often disappear upstairs and I won't see them for hours because they're having so much fun*. (*Read making a mess) But she makes sure Emily gets to have fun too.
Yesterday at church she said to me. "When we bring new baby sister to church can I hold her?"  I told her she'd get to hold her sometimes. True to her nature she already had constructed a plan.(She always has a plan)  "I'll have a turn, then you have a turn, then me, then you, then me, then you...."

At Christmas time she put a Merida Barbie on her birthday list. "I also want a Merida Barbie but not for Christmas for my birfday!"

 Flynn Rider was a pleasant surprise. (She loves Flynn)

Our friend "Caffy" sent some wonderful gifts. 
Including, but not limited too, a second Hello Kitty outfit. She currently wears the one she has as often as possible!
 "Now when one is in the wash, I can just wear my other one!" (See she's always coming up with a plan.)

A super cute tutu.
 and lots of other fun games, toys, and socks.

Finally, it was time to have cake and ice cream.

 We love these silly girls!
 We did a birthday interview with Natalie which can be watched by clicking here.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Easter Weekend

Easter is an important time for us. We spend a lot of time talking to the girls about why it's important and the wonderful blessings we have because of our Savior.  We've pounded  into their brains that the most important thing about Easter is Jesus, the Atonement, and the Resurrection. That being said we also like to have fun with Easter too.

These two decorated our Egg Tree this year.
Some very serious thought went into where to place each egg.

They were please with the final product.
 A little video click here.

 Fast-forward to Easter weekend. Saturday the girls enjoyed an activity at the church which included egged themed games, an Easter lesson, an Easter craft, and an Egg hunt. Being the Primary President meant I was in charge and hence I didn't take any pictures. :)

Easter Breakfast
Natalie kept wanting a mouth on hers. I'm sure she just really wanted more chocolate chips.

The girls were thrilled with their "bunny" puppies (Thanks Caffy)

Nothing like getting stickers that you LOVE.
(This kid --I love her!)

Easter Dinner wouldn't be complete without theme shaped food.

Rabbit Rolls or Bunny Buns (Either way they're fun.)

Hatching Chicks
Of course, carrot cake  cupcakes for dessert

All in all a great weekend until about midnight when Camille started puking. 
"I think I had too many sweets, Mom." 
Hopefully, we've learned a lesson for the future. (i.e. Mom should eat most of the candy instead of the kids)