Sunday, April 21, 2013


When I was a kid and had a friend over when my Dad would come home from work they would be accosted with the question, "WHO ARE YOU!?"  It didn't matter if he had met them before or not. It was my Dad's way of being friendly though it was said in a loud, accusing, demanding scary voice.  Of course, some kids would shyly whisper their names while others would boldly answer. Usually, it was followed by an "Oh" from my father and he'd be about his business.

As we get closer to little girl number four joining us on the "outside" I wish she could answer the question "WHO ARE YOU?!" Seriously, I think naming a child is the most stressful part of having one. Some of you may have heard me say I would be willing to go through labor twice in a row if the child would come out with a name tag. No joke, I would do it. I think it would be totally worth the pain.

 This time around I think it's harder than the first or second time (third time was extremely difficult). There are more factors in the mix; does it match or fit with the other girls names, is it too common (as much as I love Emily, I often kick myself  for using a name that is SO common.), does it fit with the middle name we'd like to use, do we agree on it, is it meaningful for us in some way, do our other girls like it, cousins have been added to the mix making the pool of names to pick from more slim (I know we can use the same name as a cousin or other family member but we just...can't.)

Granted, Brad and I don't name a baby until we meet them face to face but it's nice to have some ideas or a narrowed down list of possibilities. That being said we're open to real suggestions (Yes, Bertha, Gertrude, and all those have been suggested but let's face it they're not making the cut.)

The other day I came across a website where you could put in a name and it would show common sibling names for that name. Which I thought was super cool. I put in all three girls names and got these lists. It's nice to see we've done a good job so far of having our kids' names "go" together...There are a lot of the names of these lists that I love but fall in with the above mention factors.

Common Sibling Names for Camille (Meaning Virginal, unblemished character)
ChloeOliviaCarolineClaireSophiaAudreyNatalieLaurenCharlotte, Emily, Kaitlyn, Abigail,

Common Sibling Names for Natalie (Meaning: Good birthday or Christ’s birthday)
Emily,  OliviaHannahNicoleLaurenAbigailSamanthaMadisonSophiaAllison Claire, Kaitlyn, Abigail

Common Sibling Names for Emily (Meaning: industrious)
Sarah,  AbigailHannahElizabethAshleyOliviaMeganAllisonNatalieLauren, Claire, Kaitlyn, Madeline

Anyhow, this is what has been occupying my thoughts lately.  (Well this and what is the maximum amount of ice cream I can eat a day without having it added to places I don't want it.)


Gregory Hart said...

I wonder how the calculate the common siblings names. The list for Camille has Natalie, but the last for Natalie doesn't have Camille. I find that odd.

Barb said...

I am having the same trouble!! I feel this huge responsibility in naming my child! I noticed on your lists that Kaitlyn and Abigail was on all three. I am assuming Kaitlyn would be out though...

zeeny said...

Fun post! I like lots of names...Estelle, Ruby, Harper, Calie, I could go on! I just have the problem of R and I liking the same names!!!

Valerie Doll said...

For the record, I love Claire. I just could never use it because Claire Doll sounds like a medication to me.

Melody said...

I love Claire! I want to use it if we have a girl, and I have suggested it to Lee. Repeatedly. He says no. So maybe tell Brad that it's Claire or nothing, then I will be happy too. ;)