Monday, April 15, 2013

Birthdays are FUN!

This kid has been excited for her birthday since the beginning of the year. Hopefully, it was everything she was dreaming it would be.
She kept inviting people to her birthday. (Usually we just do cake, ice cream, and presents as a family)  So she and I talked and decided we could invite some friends over to play in the morning and have some cupcakes. I think the play date was a success. I let the kids play with cushions from the couches and blew up some balloons for them. Everyone seemed to have fun and Natalie felt like she got to include people in her birthday.

She requested to go bowling with the family for her birthday (Which we did sans camera)
She also wanted a Rapunzel cake.

This is what we came up with:

 She was super happy with it. And excited that she was going to get to keep the little Rapunzel Doll that was on it.
 (Yes, you're seeing snow in the yard. It rained/ ice pelleted/snowed on her birthday

This is classic Nattie. Super excited and finger in the belly button :) 
 She's a great big sister to Emily. She is ALWAYS willing to help her and often I'll her her say, "Come on Emmie, I'll help you, let's go." as she takes her hand or puts her arm around her.
She loves went Camille has a "day off from school." The two of them will often disappear upstairs and I won't see them for hours because they're having so much fun*. (*Read making a mess) But she makes sure Emily gets to have fun too.
Yesterday at church she said to me. "When we bring new baby sister to church can I hold her?"  I told her she'd get to hold her sometimes. True to her nature she already had constructed a plan.(She always has a plan)  "I'll have a turn, then you have a turn, then me, then you, then me, then you...."

At Christmas time she put a Merida Barbie on her birthday list. "I also want a Merida Barbie but not for Christmas for my birfday!"

 Flynn Rider was a pleasant surprise. (She loves Flynn)

Our friend "Caffy" sent some wonderful gifts. 
Including, but not limited too, a second Hello Kitty outfit. She currently wears the one she has as often as possible!
 "Now when one is in the wash, I can just wear my other one!" (See she's always coming up with a plan.)

A super cute tutu.
 and lots of other fun games, toys, and socks.

Finally, it was time to have cake and ice cream.

 We love these silly girls!
 We did a birthday interview with Natalie which can be watched by clicking here.


Mary said...

So, so cute! I laughed out loud at the finger-in-the-belly-button picture!

Barb said...

Way to go on the cake!