Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas "Card"

Since you may or may not be getting one of these in the mail, I thought I'd post it for all the world to see! (I haven't mailed them yet and haven't gotten my little family all in one place long enough for a picture.)


Brad Karen Camille Natalie
Enjoyed an awesome Hawaiian vacation X X X X
Mastering the porcelain God

Expert army crawler

Got the swine flu X X X
Got the Chicken pox AGAIN!

Contender for the world's most amazing eyelashes

Paid through the nose for a sprinkler system but LOVING it! X X

Finger food connoisseur

Feels overwhelmingly blessed X X

Totally ripped off a sibling's Christmas card idea

Goes camping EVERY month with the scouts X

Thinks going to the library is the best activity ever
Fixed our well X

Loves to growl at people

Responsible for 160 primary kids

Got the best present from the Easter Bunny (our Natalie!) X X X
Loves to "play" the Wii with her parents

Master organizer - got both cars to fit in the garage X

Wishes everyone a wonderful Holiday season X X X X

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Singing a song is fun to do...

Camille loves singing to herself. I've found her doing it a lot lately so I thought I better get it on camera.Our camera isn't the greatest with videos so she's a little hard to hear.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

A Week in Washington with the Wildings

It's been almost a week since we returned home from Washington so I thought it was time to give a run down of our fun week. I really really wasn't looking forward to seven plus hours in the car with two little ones, however don't underestimate the power of a second-hand portable DVD player! Seven dollars WELL SPENT! (On the trip to and from the girls were AWESOME...I complained a little though.)

Spending some time with the babies:

Riley, Natalie, and Haiden... or was it Haiden, Natalie, and Riley...I don't remember

The 2009 crop
Natalie, the Twins, and Payson

Playing with cousins is so much fun!

There was a lot of dressing up:
The 2007 crop (minus Evi)
Alli, Lexi, Millie

I love Lexi's face in the picture! Mil is busy looking at all her pretties!

Nothing makes Thanksgiving like FOOD! Oh, we loved every bite!

The 2 year old table:
Nattie's first Thanksgiving dinner:
(If you make a yummy face anything tastes good!)

Mouths full of desserts:

Besides getting up EARLY on Black Friday and having a blast shopping, I fed Nattie J some prunes. (Oh yes, they work!)
Multiple Sister-in-laws said to just throw the jammies away. However, I had spent too much money on Black Friday to be able to afford the luxury of replacing them. I got the pleasure of "fixing" them. (It worked and they look as good as new! Seriously SO GROSS!)

Friday was also Grandpa Ron's Birthday

Bekah & Audrey made him this AMAZING cake:

He seemed to like it!
Saturday, Bekah hosted a craft day. We had some great girl time and let the menfolk tend to the children.
The girls showing off the "Wilding Women Super Saturday Craft"

Somehow Brad got ALL of this to fit in our car on the way home... (Plus the two children)

Once we got home the Christmas decorating began. Natalie is prepared to kungfu you if you come near our tree!

Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful. Now bring on the lights, music, presents, snow, giving, reindeer, gratitude, crazy shoppers, spirit, family, and all the other wonderful blessings of the Christmas season!