Thursday, February 27, 2014


We love our Emily Ann. The other day someone used the phase "three-nager" when we were discussing our kids and I have to say I think Ems might fit the description. She is cute and loveable and normally a good listener but its amazing how the wrong move will get you a crusty expression and/or a sour mood.

The day before her birthday we gave her hair it's first ever trim.
 For the past 10 or so months Emily has known EXACTLY what kind of cake she wanted for her birthday. (A lamby cake with a binky in it's mouth.)
I think I was able to make her vision come alive.

She said she was excited about her cake "betause it looks awesome".
Happy girls
 Silly girls
 Ready to blow out the candles
She was, of course, spoiled with presents
 She loves Sofia the First

SO EXCITED about her very own dishes (Thanks Cathy)
A video interview with the birthday girl can be found by clicking here.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Brad's 34th

Brad said he wanted a German Chocolate cake for his birthday but that the girls could pick the shape. They decided on Olaf from Frozen. (They may be a little obsessed right now.)
I was torn because I knew Brad would want the yummy coconut pecan frosting that goes with German chocolate cake but that it was the wrong color if we were doing a snowman.
Then I had an epiphany! I used the coconut pecan frosting as the filling and frosted the outside white and covered it in coconut. 
(Mmm it was good. I made the coconut pecan frosting and I will always make it myself from now on. SO yummy.)
The inside of Olaf
 Olaf completed. He turned out pretty good I think.
 These people all approved.
 They couldn't wait to dig in.
 Giving warm hugs....because that's what Olaf likes.
 Then we really warmed him up...
Not everyday you see a snowman on fire.

Deck Jumping

I remember as a kid jumping off the back deck into the snow with my siblings. As I was shoveling the deck off on Valentine's day the girls were out playing in the snow, I decided I needed to teach them the fine art of deck jumping.

Camille loved it.

Natalie was a little nervous but still tried it.
 After a successful first jump she went again but ended up with a face full of snow. She decided she was done after that.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

I love you day

We woke up to a lot of snow and school being cancelled and Brad's work not opening until 10 am.
 Love my valentine. (Plus he cleared the whole drive, front steps and my car off.)

We had a fun photo shoot (That was suppose to happen 2 weeks prior so we could send pictures/valentines out but that's not always how life happens.)
We covered Lizzy in kisses
 It didn't work out exactly as planned. Planting kisses on an eight month old is harder than you think.
 And I couldn't get her to stop chewing on things and just smile at me.
 If you were wondering if getting red lipstick off a baby's face is's not.
 Emily sending you some love.
 Natalie too
 She really just wanted to look at the camera and smile
 Camille wanted to send everyone some love as well.
 Lizzy hates to be left out!
 Happy Valentine's Day! (Please pretend these came in a card in your mailbox the day before Valentine's instead of on the internet a week late!)

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Meeting Addison

On January 30th  New York was graced with the presences of another Wilding.
The girls are excited to have a cousin living close by. 
I think Ryan and Tara may have more "helpers" than they bargained for. :) 

 The girls approve

 Lucky us,  we got to babysit Addison for awhile when she was two weeks old.

Nobody was excited about it at all....
 Those dimples get her Auntie every time!

At 8 months

Lizzy has one tooth and another one close behind.
She has graduated from only army crawling to being able to do it on her hands and knees.
She loves her finger foods.
 Love it when she smiles.
 Trying to escape.
 You caught me mid chew.

 Her sisters sure love her.
 And they love being silly.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Orange Lake Resort

Saturday January 11th

Everyone voted to spend our last day relaxing at the resort instead of trying to hit Universal. All the girls wanted to do was swim. It was a great last day of vacation.

A lot of fun was had on this slide
Hanging out

When you get grumpy in the water....
You can always go hang out with Aunt Bekah!
Love Riley's face in the background
Uncle Kevin knows how to make an enterance
Family fun