Thursday, February 27, 2014


We love our Emily Ann. The other day someone used the phase "three-nager" when we were discussing our kids and I have to say I think Ems might fit the description. She is cute and loveable and normally a good listener but its amazing how the wrong move will get you a crusty expression and/or a sour mood.

The day before her birthday we gave her hair it's first ever trim.
 For the past 10 or so months Emily has known EXACTLY what kind of cake she wanted for her birthday. (A lamby cake with a binky in it's mouth.)
I think I was able to make her vision come alive.

She said she was excited about her cake "betause it looks awesome".
Happy girls
 Silly girls
 Ready to blow out the candles
She was, of course, spoiled with presents
 She loves Sofia the First

SO EXCITED about her very own dishes (Thanks Cathy)
A video interview with the birthday girl can be found by clicking here.


happyhart said...

why a lamb with a binky in its mouth? It looks delightful.