Monday, February 3, 2014

Hollywood Studios

Wednesday January 8th

Possibly my favorite park. 
First stop Star Tours! Seriously, there is something about the theme music for Star Wars that just puts me in a happy place. The girls loved it. Natalie was a little nervous that Darth Vader was going to come get her but she made it out alright, twice.

We all enjoyed the stunt show. Even Lighting McQueen made an appearence

The girls and I had watched all the Honey, I shrunk the kids shows about 5 months ago so they got a big kick out of the playground.
There were characters just out on the streets randomly at one point so we got a lot of photos taken.

The only kind of mouse I like.

Belle asking the girls if they all slept in the same cupboard.
I love me some Mary Poppins!
Natalie was dying to see Jasmine. Genie was there too. Bonus!
I love how Lizzy is cranking her head around trying to figure out what he is.
Poor Pocahontas had goose bumps
Mulan asked if the baby was going to be a warrior. Natalie responded, "Well, she does army crawl."

These girls crack me up.
Camille had said the thing she was most excited for at Disney was seeing her cousins. 

How could you not have fun with these cousins?!
It was fun to see the Evil Queen and Snow White walking about.
After the picture Natalie wanted a hug from the Queen.
Natalie in a timid voice (very non-Natalie) "Can I have a hug?"
Evil Queen sighing, "Uhh...If you must." Holding her arms up allowing Natalie to give her a hug but only reciprocating with a little pat on the head. 
Natalie walked way feeling a little unloved. I explained to her that it was the Evil Queen so, of course, she wouldn't give a big hug like the nice princesses. Luckily, Natalie seemed to understand.

Toy Story Soldier
We have recently discovered Disney Jr.'s Sofia the First. Emily has a particular fondness for her and was really excited to meet her. She wanted  to meet her all by herself.
She was very excited.

Besides all the character meetings and shows we rode some fun rides. I love Tower of Terror and the Rockin' Roller Coaster. Camille is turning into a Roller Coaster junkie and went on the Rockin' Roller Coaster 3 times in a row.  I'm so glad she's tall!

We ended the night with Fanstasmic
Another successful day!