Wednesday, November 6, 2013

"Real" Halloween

We had some happy girls on Halloween.
 They loved their Halloween surprise from Cathy.

It rained on Halloween but we still ended up going trick or treating. I think the saving grace was that it wasn't cold. Brad and the girls spent about TWO hours collecting candy. Lizzy and I hung out with some friends, inside, by the fire, dry. :) 
I didn't put any effort in to their costumes on Halloween since it was rainy and I had a spooky dinner to get on the table. (I think we looked totally awesome in our family costume and was a little disappointed they didn't want to do that for "real" Halloween.)

Natalie being Cinderella, Emily being a little witch (whose hat would not stay on) and Camille being a not as little witch.

The girls got SO much candy.
You can see how wet Camille's pants were after trick or treating.

 For our spooky dinner this year we had: mini mummy meatloafs, mashed potato ghosts, spider leg bread sticks, pumpkin jell-o (okay it was really just orange), candy corn fruit parfaits, and witch brooms (asparagus.)
Note to self: Mashed potatoes are much harder to pipe than frosting!

This year they vote to paint instead of carve pumpkins

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

5 months

I wish we could say we started out this month nice and healthy but not so. Poor Liz has a terrible cough and doesn't feel good but she's still super cute.
I wouldn't be surprised to see her master sitting up unsupported soon. 

She knows how to pose for a serious photo

or an ignore kitty pose

She's loving "playing" with toys. (Grabbing them and eating them anyways.)
Her sisters still can't get enough of her.
She's got the stinkbug position down.
I just love this little face!
The "who me?" face gets me every time.
I'm glad she chose to be a part of our family.