Thursday, June 27, 2013

"Hair"s our new look

The girls' hair desperately needed a trim.  Camille said she really wanted to cut her almost to her shoulders. It took a little bit to convince Brad. (I think when he hears "I want my hair shorter" he envisions a pixie cut.) He was hesitant but said I should take her somewhere to get it done. I took her to the Hairport in Greenfield. Ten dollars and six inches later, she was a happy girl. The lady didn't cut it as short as Camille had originally said but I think she was happy with how it turned out. (I think Brad is glad that it's still long.)

 As I'm taking pictures of Camille, Natalie is begging me to take some pictures of her too. I said I'd snap three.

Here's what I got:

 Yup she's Natalie!

I managed to take a before shot of her and then inspired by Camille's "short" hair, I cut Natalie's hair after her bath.
Camille said that her back and neck will be much cooler now and that it's still long enough for me do hairstyles for her. I'm just glad it looks less straggly on the days (Which are more frequent now that baby sister is here and there's no school.)  I don't do it. :)


Barb said...

Rich is the same way about hair as Brad. How do you do it, Kare? Time to blog etc. having a baby is kicking my butt!! And you have three others!