Monday, October 28, 2013

Trunk or Treat

Every year our church does a Chili cook-off / Trunk or Treat party. I like coordinate our family's costumes. Natalie wanted to be princesses (BORING --besides I gave in and did that last year.). We compromised. To the church party we would go in coordinating costumes and on "real" Halloween the girls could wear whatever costumes they wanted. (Read--Natalie will be going as Cinderella).

Camille came up with the idea for our family costume and then I filled in the details. I think we turned out pretty cute.  

Sleepy heads
  Even Little Liz managed to sport some curlers for the party
 Ready for real bed. They had a great time Trunk or Treating.
 Our costumes were great; comfy, warm, ready for bed upon arrival home, and hair already done for church the next morning.
Curler aftermath
   It was Emily's first time with curlers. She loved them.   "I have turly hair. Watch this. (pulling on a curl and letting it go.) Boing, boing!" 
All through church. "Watch this! Boing! Boing!"

Miss Nattie J
 Toothless Camille
 Hopefully, real Halloween proves to be just as fun.