Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It pays to be cute!

Today Camille and I went to the bank. We walked in the doors and there were 3 workers that just swooned over her. They all thought she was soo cute and looked like Cindy Lou Who. (I'm not one to argue.) As I was getting my deposit ready one of the workers came up and asked if Camille could have a treat. I said yes imagining a Tootsie Roll, a dum-dum, or some smarties. The lady came back with one of those plastic candy canes filled with M&Ms. Of course, I couldn't get Mil to say thank you but she did score quite the "treat". We'll work on thank you and next time we're at the bank give it another try!

Camille with her treat
Mom let her have a few pieces
A mouthful (she's throwing away part of the wrapper)

M&M face


Trisha Martin said...

She definitely is a cutie! Although, I'm developing a complex that I never get offered a candy cane of M&M's when I go to deposit money in the bank:)

Yvonne said...

loving that coat. If it were my size I would for sure steal it while I'm there. I might just see if I can try it on anyway

Lee and Melody said...

She is a darling girl, made even more beautiful by how sweet and charming she is! Good job, Mil! Tell your mom and dad thanks for having you.

Valerie said...

Mil, I think instead of thanking them, you should be saying "you're welcome" :)

Kacie and Jake C. said...

I totally know what you mean when you say it pays to be cute ;) She is a doll and she's getting ripped off for as cute as she is she should have gotten a box of Florence's chocolates. I do have to agree she looks a bit like the animated Cindy Lou. Hope all is going well!