Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Idaho to New York part 2

Day Four
Stops: The Jolly Green Giant Statue, Wisconsin Capitol building, Downtown Milwaukee
Hotel Stay: Milwaukee, WI

Who knew such a thing existed

The girls found a baby giant.

After touring the capitol building we ate lunch at a place with a carousel.

Lake Michigan
Milwaukee has pink water!

Day Five
Stops: Willis Tower (A.K.A. Sears Tower) The museum of Science and Industry
Hotel Stay: Holland, OH (just out of Toledo)
103 stories high

No Fear Nattie
Camille is unsure
We were in those tiny boxes way up there.

Museum of Science and Industry
checkin' out the chicks
All aboard
Shadow dancing

Day Six
Stops: Kirtland,OH (Temple, Newel K. Whitney store, etc.)
Hotel Stay: Victor, NY

Day Seven
Stops: Palmyra, NY (Hill Cumorah, Smith Family farm, The Sacred Grove)
Arrive: Saratoga Springs, NY ---YEAH

Hill Cumorah

Smith Family log home
The Sacred Grove


Grandma Smith said...

What an amazing trip (adventure) you have been on. I am so glad you stopped along the way to see so much of this beautiful country. Wayne would have made us drive straight to N.Y. with nothing but potty breaks and drive-ins for lunch. What great parents you are. Keep us posted on your life, we will miss seeing you.

Julina H said...

I can't believe you traveled all the way to New York and didn't even come to St. Louis. Now our feelings are REALLY hurt! Come by some time. we have lots of beds. Aunt Ninee

Amy said...

Oh, how awesome! I didn't know you were traveling through Milwaukee -- we LOVE that city! Hey, are you coming home Omaha-ish? You're welcome to stay if you are!