Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Idaho to New York

See our week long adventure!

Day One
Stops: Yellowstone National Park
Hotel Stay: Sheridan, WY

Walking around the "hot pots"

Sisterly Love--Waiting for Old Faithful--

It didn't disappoint.

Day Two
Stops: Devil's Tower, Dinosaur park, Mt. Rushmore, The Badlands, Wall Drug Store
Hotel Stay: Murdo, SD
Devil's Tower
Playing Hide & Seek
Found a tepee to play in
Our "new" ride. (Camille calls him Ernie)
She REALLY wanted to scare the poor prairie dogs
Juice Break
The Three Horn
The Long Neck
The Swimmer

Those "guys" in the Mountain
Fake Smile...
This place rocks
The Badlands
These fellas were everywhere!

Day Three
Stops: The Corn Palace, The Sioux Falls falls
Hotel Stay: Blue Earth, MN

Made outta corn
Outside the "palace"
She loves corn

Sioux Falls falls

Preparing to JUMP!

Stay turned for days four through seven.....


Aprillee said...

We loved Mt Rushmore! And SD was surprisingly beautiful probably not in January though. Glad you arrived safely. Your little girls are so cute.

Didi & Jason said...

Woohoo that looks like so much fun. I love going if only my Cazzy girl did too. Miss you all!

Yvonne Anderson said...

Keep them coming....the girls want more dinosaur pictures

MAK said...

I remember dinosaurs from when I was little. That must be the place.