Friday, October 15, 2010

Home Sweet New York

After a week's drive, a week in New York, a week back in Idaho, I'm finally back to New York for good. (Well, for a long while at least.)
We still live in a hotel but the girls and I have been spending our days house hunting. (Found a great one yesterday but We'd have to get it for the right price so I'm sure the search will continue.)

Here's a few pictures from our last days in Idaho and some of our new adventures thus far in New York.

Swinging at Grandma Donna's

"Riding" Oakey at Aunt Linda's
Playing with the kitties

Hanging out in my closet.
Empty laundry room
The girls' room all boxed up

The truck that took our stuff

Moving to our two-bedroom hotel room.

View from our room. (More for the beautiful fall colors not so much the apartment buildings!

Enjoying Karen's birthday cake

Watching Netflix

Love our swimming gear

Sunday we took a drive up to Lake George

We even climbed Pike's Peak
And pyramids

18 months old

Enjoying the fall colors on Prospect Mountain


MAK said...

What does the truck with all your stuff do untill you find a house?

Karen said...

They take our stuff to storage until we call and tell them where to deliver it!