Monday, January 13, 2014

Christmas with kids

I love Christmas Eve, probably even more than Christmas Day. I just love it. After we acted out the nativity story (with Uncle Ryan serving as the donkey.) we opened our matching pjs and went on to have our finger food dinner while watching a movie. We didn't get a very far (or good picture of all of us in our matching pjs) because shortly after this picture was taken Natalie puked everywhere!
Christmas Eve didn't turn out how I hoped or imagined (Brad and Ryan are excellent puke cleaner uppers though). However Christmas Day was simply wonderful. (And there was no puke involved).

Christmas with kids is so much fun! Lizzy totally enjoyed the bathtub toys Grandma Myrna sent.
Yum fish!

All the girls were thrilled with their ponies.
Natalie's super excited face.
Camille exclaimed, "Cathy knew JUST what I wanted!"
Emily couldn't wait to get her's out of the box.
They then opted to push pause on opening presents and just play with their ponies. It was great. Brad and I went and watched a show for about 45 minutes until they came and got us to continue opening. 

A dress-up to fit our growing girl! (Someone tell her to stop)

Santa brought Emily the Littlest Pet Shop bunnies she was hoping for! (And everyone was excited.)
Emily and her blocks. She likes them lots and lots.
 A tower, a castle, there's lots to do. She'll spend all day building with you.
"Come on Dad get this put together!"
What a great way to get to the ball!
Gearing up for Disney!
Cutest little mouse.

These Minnie Mouses are ready to party!

These are definitely the favorite gift
Seriously, after they put these on they didn't come off for 3 days! After I washed them the girls put them right back on again.

Emily wanted to "hold" her Wizzy
Such a cute little Cinderella.


Valerie Doll said...

Lizzie sure looks good in Cinderella outfit!