Monday, July 16, 2012

Trip Event 7: Yellowstone National Park

Growing up I went to Yellowstone Park almost every summer. It's a place everyone should go see at some point. Donna suggested we take the girls one day. It was fun to go and make some memories there with my girls.

Right before you get to West Yellowstone there is a spring where you can stop a get a drink. Such good water!

Howard Spring
Doesn't Camille look happy....I don't know what her deal was.

We looked around West Yellowstone for a little before heading into the park.
Back in the day you could have ridden in one of these bad boys to tour the park.

The girls were excited about this buffalo...."Don't worry girls we're in Yellowstone we'll see plenty of them today!"

I LOVE Emily in this picture. I can just read her thoughts,  "Have you SEEN this bear? It's awesome."

 "See? Real buffalo"

We loved the mud looked like bubbling chocolate milk.

Of course, we stopped at Old Faithful

We had really good seats. I picked a spot so the girls could stand in front of me when it went off and we could get a picture. Then just as it started some people came a plopped down right there....oh well, we still took pictures (Even if they're not the greatest.)
Video for Old Faithful --

Norris Geyser Basin
While Natalie and Grandma napped in the car, Camille, Emily, and I went and explored Norris.

More buffalo

They got super close to the car. I seriously could have stuck my hand out at one point and touched one.
For a video of the buffalo -

Nothing finishes off a fun day like ice cream! (Thanks Grandma!)