Friday, July 6, 2012

Trip Event 1: Valerie's Wedding

The first fun event on our trip was my baby sister Valerie's wedding.  I can't believe that she's married now. Hopefully, she'll be as happy with her Bradley as I am with mine.

 The living Hart siblings minus Yvonne
Lisa, Kaitlyn, Carmen, Marshall, Gus, Spencer, Gregory
Karen, Valerie, and New Brad

 My sister Kaitlyn and niece Rebekkah (They're so cute, right!)



Nine of the fifteen nieces

 The Men
Awesome cake made by Lisa

 Fun at the reception
 Corbin, Liv, and Camille

 The best part about this wedding: it was a good teaser for our reunion that was scheduled for 2 weeks later.  Seriously I have such a great family!