Monday, July 9, 2012

Trip Event 2: Tautphaus Park Zoo

We use to go to Tautphaus Park all the time when we were living in Idaho so it seemed like a must-do stop. We decided to go on Memorial day while Bret and Audrey were still in town and Grandma and Grandpa were off of work.

Looking at the zebras
 Emily, Natalie, and Millie

Payson was feeling a little sad

Of course, you have to get pictures on the tiger.
(Or MANY pictures on the tiger!)
 The girls minus baby Jocelyn.
Emily, Camillie, Payson, Allison, Natalie

 Daddy's girls!

 The Maiers Family

Afterwards, Grandma and Grandpa took us to lunch then to Kiwi Loco for dessert, what a great day.


MAK said...

Yep that's a good day in Idaho!