Friday, July 13, 2012

Trip Event 6: Wilding Family Reunion

We left the Hart reunion and headed straight to the Wilding reunion. The week was packed with pure fun!
The Wildings had their reunion in Northern Idaho on Hayden Lake. All of us were there except Blake and his family. We sure missed them and their cute kids.

Random facts about the Wildings:
  • 6 children 
    • 5 boys
    • 1 girl
    • All 6 are married
    • 5 have children -(No pressure Ryan and Tara you can borrow our girls anytime!)
  • 19 grandchildren
    • 13 girls
    • 6 boys
We are spread out in Washington, Idaho, Texas, and New York. We did lots of fun activities including tie-dying, tubing, water-skiing, carnival for the kids, fishing, family skit night, family trivia night, fruit pizza bar, ice cream bar, s'mores bar, service project, secret cousins, and some all around fun. 

Tubing on the Lake:
Brad and the girls
Blurry picture but Nattie's face says it all.

Ready to squirt the tube riders

Bret and his girls ready to go.

Camille having fun on the dock

Natalie warming up after her dip in the lake.
(She had a lift-jacket on so she just got in...without permission. I was standing about 10 feet away and Camille says, "Natalie is in the lake, Natalie is in the lake!"  Playing in the lake is all good and fun but you have to make sure an adult knows that's what you're doing!) 

Fearless tube riders

Evelyn armed and ready to squirt
Going swimming?

Grandma needed in on the action

The big kids' turn to ride
Emily enjoyed her own tube

Brad looked pretty good out there

Touching the water

 one handed
Coming in


Ty catching a little fish

Audrey catching a little fish (I'm 99% sure it's the same fish Ty had caught)

Boat ride with the kiddos

Tara and Ryan got a fish
Natalie got a fish
Wow, what a great week and what great families we have. We sure love them all!