Friday, July 13, 2012

Trip Event 5: Hart Family Reunion

The  Hart family reunion that is held every two years. It's for my parents, siblings, and our offspring.
 This year there were 38 out of 47 of us there.  Yvonne and her family, my parents, and my oldest niece Katherine were missed.  We did have Katherine's fiance though, which was a cool bonus. 

Random facts about the Harts:
  • 13 children 
    • 10 are alive today
    • 4 boys
    • 9 girls
    • 9 are married - Spencer is the lone wolf (and he's cute ladies!)
    • 7 have children -Kaitlyn and Tim are trying to adopt --click here.
  • 25 grandchildren
    • oldest is 20 and the youngest is 2 months
    • 15 girls
    • 10 boys
 My parent's oldest child, Gus, is now 43 and their youngest child, Valerie, is 19.   My parent's oldest grandchild, Katherine, is engaged to be married in August. 
   My parents have children living in Utah, Arizona, Washington, Alaska, New York, and Dubai.  We are getting pretty spread out, but we love spending time together. 

The Crew
Showing our true colors
The Grandkids
Left to right back row: Leslie, Steven, Rebekkah, Emily, Victoria, Sam
Middle row: Julia, Mariah, Anna, Ethan, Emmett, Joel, Camille, TJ, Anthony, Aja
Front row: Eden, Alex, Hyrum, Natalie, Liv
Missing: Katherine, Abigail, Saylor, Talon, Rigdon
The siblings (minus Yvonne--we sure missed her!)
Back row: Greg, Gus, Spencer, Marshall
Front row: Valerie, Karen, Lisa, Kaitlyn, Carmen

The boys
 (youngest to oldest)

 The girls
 (youngest to oldest)

 (Sorry we cut off your face in this Carm!)


We should have made all the in-laws take a picture together. Maybe next time...

Our reunion was at Ensign Ranch in Washington. It was a fabulous place for a reunion!

Giant slip-n-slide:

 Camille's ride

Nattie J's turn

 Emily even tried it out...
...then she was ready to be done.

Hyrum playing in the "dirt" after his ride
Adventurous walks and treasure hunts:

Goaltimate Frisby:

Good food:

And a whole lot of fun: