Saturday, February 9, 2013

Palace Hotel

Saturday Jan 5th continued again...
Next we swung by the Palace Hotel where there are vending machines for gold.(Picture we took didn't work, darn it!) It was a fun building to look around but if we wanted to see a room we would have had to make an appointment and pay just to go see it.

Yvonne and I are at the top of the steps in the middle

  Finally, we decided that we'd left Matt alone long enough and headed home. One of their friends had heard Matt was home with the sick kids by himself and took pity on him and brought over dinner. So we had a fun filled day and dinner waiting on the table when we got home.


Yvonne Anderson said...

Sorry the picture of the ATM didn't work. That would be my fault. I guess we should have checked before we left the building, since we had to do it covert and all.