Friday, February 22, 2013

Last day in Dubai

Thursday Jan 10th - Last day but a full day. In the morning we went to the store, Carrafour, I wanted to get some candy to bring home to the people that helped watch the girls. Then we go to attend an assembly at Abi and Saylor's school. It's fun to see the differences and similarities in their kindergarten vs. Camille's.  After school we all (minus Matt) went to Mushrif Park.

The kids always wanted to sit by cool Uncle Brad. (Even with his long legs he obliged and folded himself into the back.)
    In this park there are all sorts of miniature houses to explore. Seriously heaven for kids!

 Abs enjoying the second story of the Swiss house.

Having a tall Uncle comes in handy when you want to explore high places.

 Like I said ALL sorts of houses...including Smurf houses.
We even ran into a pretty friendly ghost.

When we got back to Matt and Yvonne's soaked our feet in pool. We actually never got in their pool because with all the kids being sick letting them in the pool wasn't on the list of good ideas. Then we had to pack...blah...that meant we really were going home.
We had some great accommodations

 After getting all packed we got to spend one last night of playing games. We big fans of Monopoly Deal. Yvonne took us to the airport about 8:00 pm. I think the hardest part was getting there being told our flight was delayed an hour and just thinking how we could have gotten one more round of games in!

Our flight left Dubai at 11:00 pm we had a layover in Jordan, another one in Rome (neither was long enough to go out exploring, darn!) then after a really long flight we finally made it to Boston on Friday Jan 11th at 2:30 pm. By 4:30 pm we made it to our hotel. We checked in with Ryan and Tara (who were coming to fetch us the next day), ordered a pizza and were both out cold by 6:30 pm.


Yvonne Anderson said...

You are welcome back anytime!