Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Desert Safari

Monday Jan 7th -  Brad and I took a walk around the neighborhood. We ended up walking to the Uptown Mirdif Center and doing a little shopping. I ended up getting a great deal on a swimming suit. (Less than $11 for an Adidas suit.)

 Karen sitting inside an air-conditioned bus stop.
 Matt and Yvonne's neighborhood Mosque plus a school bus.

 That afternoon we got to leave on our  Desert Safari. I would highly recommend this to anyone going there to visit.  I thought it was worth every penny. First they take you out into the desert (think St. Anthony sand dunes but bigger and redder!) and you go dune bashing, we stopped and watched the sunset on the desert, then they take you into camp where there are camel rides, henna tattoos, Shisha pipes to smoke (which we didn't), appetizers. We watched a belly dancer, had dinner and got to see a whirling dervish man and held a falcon. Really a fun night.

 Our guide letting some air out of the tires for our trek across the desert.
Caravan through the desert. All those white cars are with our group.
Sunset on the desert.

Feeling like a local.
We make a pretty cute couple!
Getting some Henna

Let's take this Camel out for a spin.
 This camel did not like me.  He tried to bite me and if he didn't have his muzzle thing on he would have.
For video action of the camel ride click here.

We also enjoyed dinner, a belly dancer, and whirling dervish.
The pictures of the belly dancer and whirling dervish all turned out fuzzy. (They were just moving around too much.) I did take some video that I need to post.
Holding a Falcon.
All in all a super fun night!