Tuesday, September 6, 2011

New Hampshire

New Hampshire is home to New England's tallest mountain Mount Washington. Mount Washington is said to be the home of the world's worst weather. The day we went up the weather was BEAUTIFUL. 59 degrees 13 mph winds with gusts up to 25 mph. The drive and the view are spectacular. Brad and I have been up many a mountain and Mount Washington was definitely impressive. 

We're headed to the top!
Can you tell which direction the wind blows?
 It was a gorgeous day!

 Part of the Appalachian trail comes through here.
 You can ride a cog-wheel train to the top. (We didn't)

 Clouds starting to roll in (Can you see Ernie?)

 That's right we made it to the summit :)

 People use to come and stay at the Tip-Top house...I can't even imagine.
 We were all impressed with the view!
 My mother would have closed her eyes the whole drive down. It was curvy, steep and has the potential to be frightening.

We also stopped and did a little hike at Sabbath Falls

Fun, easy,  and SHORT. (Probably doesn't actually qualify as a hike but we can pretend.)