Thursday, September 15, 2011

Copy Cat

I am not a creative person, however I'm really good at taking other people's ideas and attempting to do them.
So, after I saw this tutorial. I just knew I had to try it. I asked a friend who IS a seamstress to come spend the day with me while I sewed. (I wanted her around so I could ask all my dumb little sewing questions as I was working.) Not only did she bring her knowledge but also her serger. I. am. in. love. I now NEED a serger!  I decided to make these for my nieces, who live in a HOT climate year round.

I took these pieces: 
 And made them into this:
 It turned out to be a rather easy sewing project. (Time consuming but easy. )

The skirts were an afterthought but came together quiet nicely with the scraps I had lying around.
 Ruffles are totally in season right now. 
Here are the little fashionistas.

Don't worry I have more plagiarized projects on my to do list. And when they get "doed" I'll post some pictures.


Barb said...

I'm envious! Oh, how I wished I had learned to sew from my mom when she wanted to teach me. Why don't kids know that when they grow up, they really will want to know this stuff?

Mary said...

Those are really cute. The picture holding the big hershey bar Mark says looks like Suzanne, Identical cusins.

Wilding's said...

So cute!! I have to say that I LOVE my serger! Best investment ever!!! It makes sewing so much more fun!