Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sayonara Summer

Camille started preschool yesterday.
Now, that might not seem like a big deal but she'll spend as much time at preschool as I did when I went to Kindergarten. We were fortunate that she got accepted in the a free program at the YMCA. She'll go five days a week, 2.5 hours a day, all school year long.  I was not a fan of this set up at first. In my brain preschool should be a few times a week. Of course, we could paid to have her in a preschool that is only three days a week but have you seen the price of preschool tuition? (Yikes) Our school district has ALL day Kindergarten. I, now, feel that this will be a very good set up to get us all prepared for Kindergarten next year.  She loved the first day, came home knowing the names of 2 new friends, a picture she drew of me, and ready to go back again. I was surprisingly unemotional about the whole event. I think that fact that I stressed, cried, pondered, and seconded guessed myself for weeks BEFORE she ever got accepted helped. There was a point (several, actually) that I told Brad we weren't going to let her go if she got in. So, the first day drop off went smoothly, one excited little girl and one content mama. Now, if I can just continue to get 3 little girls out the door every morning and not be late that will  be a miracle!

I'm the happy green person, not the red mad person.
Of course, Nattie couldn't be left out of the first day of school photo.
Being the idiot that I am I've decided to sign Natalie up for story time and activities at the library. (As long as we're already going to be out and about, right?)
I don't want Natalie to get forgotten or lost in all the "big sister goes to school, little sister is a baby who needs a lot of attention" phase. Of course, if you know my Natalie I don't think it would be possible to "forget" her:
1.If she wants your attention, she'll get it.
2. She's SO stinkin' cute, she's hard to ignore.
3. She doesn't have, shall we say, a quiet personality.
4. She's learning how to bat those eyelashes of hers!

Here's to a new school year.


Wilding's said...

Your kids are too cute! Give them a squeeze or two for me!