Monday, August 29, 2011

Maine part duex

Acadia National Park

Natural Seawall

Nattie walking with Grandma & Grandpa

Working Lighthouse

Mount Cadillac - First place the sunrises in the US. At this point in the trip I WASN'T about to wake up 3 little girls to go watch a sunrise. We settled for going up at sunset and it did not disappoint.

One of my new favorite pictures!

 Love Camille in the background.

Blueberries- Maine produces 98% of the nation's blueberries. We took advantage of that fact and found and ate wild berries while watching the sunset.

Bar Island - During low tide you can walk (or drive) to Bar Island. All of us really enjoyed low tide.

Here's Bar Island during high tide

Enjoying the hotel/pool

 Brad took this picture from underwater looking up.

Human surfboard
 Don't worry Grandpa I got your back!

One of the old carriage roads through the park.

Definitely worth the visit!


Melody said...

I love the GPS picture of your car in the water. Hee hee! What a darling family you have. We are soooooooo excited to see you!