Friday, August 26, 2011

Taking a little break

We need to take a hiatus from the vacation posts because somebody had her half birthday last week.
 Here she is folks:

 Work it girl

Height – 27.25 inches – 95%
Weight- 13 lbs 10.5 oz – 10%
Head- 16.75 inches – 50 %
They say she's long and lean. What do you think? 

 I love that they can all make a funky face in the same picture but can never seem to all smile in one.

Em wants to give a big shout out to all her new cousins that were born this month: Jocelyn Maiers, Dallen Wilding, and Victoria Hart.  Can't wait until I can meet you and we can start terrorizing our parents together.

Here is yet another baby enjoying the famous green jumper!


Mary said...

She is getting so big! What a cutie!!