Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My little friends

Today I had my little friends, Kurtis (4) and Kylee (2 1/2), over for the afternoon. Kurtis always has something interesting to say.

Me: Your Mom went to the doctor's. They're going to check on the baby.
Kurtis: Is it only going to take a minute?
Me: It's going to take a little while.
Kurtis: What's a little while? Like 2 minutes?

Kurtis: Why is your house made of wood?
Me: What would you make it out of?
Kurtis: Walls

Kurtis was headed into the bathroom, Camille followed so I went to retrieve her. As he is pulling down his pants he says to me. "Don't laugh at me okay." (Of course, that comment just made me want to laugh!)

Later after the bathroom incident while we're making lunch:
Kurtis: When I go diarrhea you don't have to help me. Diarrhea looks like we're peeing out of our bums. I think that says it all...


Grandma Smith said...

You have to just love Kurtis and how is mind works. You also have to watch everything you say around him because he s just to smart. I can't wait until little Kylee starts to talk better we should be in for a whole new world of information.

Erin said...

I have to apologize. Nobody deserves to have the diarrhea talk with Kurtis. Clearly you can tell what we've been dealing with over the holidays. :)

Lee and Melody said...

Oh that Kurtis. What a hoot!