Friday, January 30, 2009

Lids and Lipitor

My father is constantly making fun of my mother for not knowing how to properly put lids on things. He says he goes to pick something up and CRASH it drops because the lid wasn't secured properly. He and Brad have a good time laughing about this because apparently I'm just like my Mom.
Well, I had the chance to tease my Dad about not putting lids on. Camille and I were hanging out with Grandma Myrna. Camille was playing with the magnets on the fridge and my Mom and I were in the other room. I went to get Camille to put her down for a nap and she was no longer in the kitchen. We found her in my parent's room carefully dropping my Dad's Lipitor pills back into the bottle. Evidently, my Father failed to put the lid on tightly. (Since no one else takes his pills or touches the bottle.) When I called him to find out how many pills were left (I needed to make sure Millie hadn't eaten any) and told him that obviously the lid hadn't been on otherwise Mil couldn't have been playing with them. He just gave a little embarrassed chuckle.

Side note: We don't believe Camille ate any of the pills however we called poison control just to cover our bases. Poison control was not concerned about the possibility at all, even if she had eaten some she would have been fine.


Lee and Melody said...

Wow! I'm glad she didn't take any, even if they wouldn't have hurt her- that's probably not a habit you want her to start. :) What an impressive little Mil.


We had to call poison control a couple weeks ago. Sienna ate some Siliac Gel. Apparently it's harmless even though it says DO NOT EAT all over it. Better safe than sorry right!!