Thursday, January 1, 2009

Family Game Night

New Year's Eve was a blast! We had my most of my family over to our house. (Well, 31 of them:) We ate my sister, Carmen's, homemade pizza until we were sick! We played a lot of great games. Some new and some old favorites but all fun.

- one word RIOT
Guitar Hero - not for the musically impaired
Blokus - aggravating
Ingenious - Great
Oodles - A good challenge
Mario Kart - Classic


Erin said...

We actually drove past and saw all the Hart cars. We were tempted to stop and say we were the Smith side of the Hart family, but decided against it. We didn't want the Myrninator to officially disown us.

Erin said...

Plus, being the Smith side of the Hart family might make us the Sharts and that would not be cool. Then again we could have been the Smarts, maybe we should have stopped...