Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The dawning of an absent-minded professor

I was in the kitchen cleaning up getting ready to prep dinner and I asked Miss Natters to run up to my bathroom and grab me a ponytail holder.  She had been  gone so long that I had forgotten that I even sent her on an errand when she reappeared looking like this:

Four large hair clips and my hand mirror. When I asked her where my pony tail holder was she responded, "Uhhhhhh....I....couldn't find it."  Her heart is in the right place and she has every intention of obeying but her curious, active imagination often gets the better of her.
"It's right on the counter top in my bathroom."
"Oh okay!" and off she runs again. This time she did return with said item.
FOCUS...we've got to work on that focus. :)