Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Weekend

Easter weekend is the start to spring break around here. We've been having a lot of fun.

This is what happens when you're the baby and Mom turns her back for a few minutes. Big sisters will get you every time.

We had some friends over the other night so we needed some treats.
 Our version of bird nests.

The kids seemed to like them.

We got some new springtime cookie cutters (Thanks Caffy!) Natalie enjoyed having her sandwich turned into a butterfly. She liked it "ten".  Since that's all the fingers she has I'm guessing she liked it a lot!

Easter activity at the church.
 Kids are ready for a game.

 These two are such good friends.

Easter Morning

 Everyone got some new shades. We're totally ready for the paparazzi now.
(Thanks again Cathy.)

Of course, it wouldn't be Easter without some matching dresses!

It's difficult to get a good family picture when the Emily is ready for a nap.

 Love these girls!

The girls said it was too bright out and they would need their glasses if we wanted to do more pictures.
 Emily ready to go in and call it a day.
 We made some deviled eggs to take to dinner.  
(Thanks to the Brooks for hosting!)
 Emily hunting for eggs. (Dad is a good partner)

 The girls all had a successful haul.

We also enjoyed watching these videos about Easter and Jesus. What a wonderful time of year!
 We "hop" you all had a "egg"cellent Easter.


Yvonne Anderson said...

What cute treats......and ADORABLE girls. I especially liked the one of Emily in her onsie, tights, and pink cowboy boots. Man, I wish I had a reason to wear cowboy boots

Ashley B. said...

Those are the best looking deviled eggs I've ever seen, and the cutest gaggle of Easter chics, I mean girlies.