Friday, April 13, 2012

I'm Free...

That's right, Miss Natalie is officially three.  Camille told me yesterday, "Mom it's going to be a long time until you have a two year old again."

We loved our two year old and we're excited that she's growing up and she's happy to be three. 

She decided that she wanted monster cupcakes. They turned out looking more like the Yup-yup aliens from Sesame Street than monsters but she liked them.

After hanging up the phone from a call from her Grandma she told me, "On your birthday somebody has to call on the phone to tell you Happy Birthday. That's how it's suppose to go." (I'm glad everything went according to the "plan.")

Ready to open presents
She was delighted with everything she got. And she got a lot because she's super spoiled! :)
 My Little Pony Car --Thanks Caffy!

 A little doll that happens to fit just right on her new pony. (Thanks Grandma & Grandpa)

This girl LOVES a good dress!
 (Good thinking Cathy.)
Natalie's quilt (I finally finished it!)
 The girls have already had lots of fun playing with the new toys.
 (So, it's not a clown car but you can still fit quite a few Littlest Pets in it.)

What would a birthday be without the licking of the candles?

You can watch a video interview and more with the birthday girl by clicking here.


Yvonne Anderson said...

Loved the monster cupcakes! What a talented mama that three year old has. In her video, I thought she said she wanted to be a zombie when she grew up. That would be awesome!

Barb said...

Did you make those cupcakes??!! Awesome.

Karen said...

Yup I made it....took ALL afternoon!

Natalie said...

I love that girl - and those cupcakes... My birthday is in November - Just sayin'

Melody said...

I'm trying again, darn disappearing comments. Now can I say how much I love the cupcakes and the pictures and the people in them? I'm trying because I really want to say those things! :)

Melody said...

Whee! It stayed! And the peasants rejoice!

Mary said...

Looks like fun. Fun cupcakes! I might have to steal that idea.