Sunday, November 14, 2010

You were made to make a difference

You were made to make a difference
By Max Lucado & Jenna Lucado Bishop

This book was definitely written more for tweens and young teens. The message is good and applicable to all people however, the format and voice of the book is directed at a younger audience. If I were twelve I'd probably think it was awesome, if I were sixteen I'd think the format was a little on the "babyish" side. That being said 12 or 16 the message is great for tweens, teens, and adults. I especially like the chapter "No dropped calls". All about communication with God and prayers. That we need to stay connected to him. On page 42 I loved this paragraph,
"When you remember to take God everywhere you go, you will change--in a good way. He will help you be kinder to classmates who bug you. Obedient to the parents who get on your case. Enthusiastic about giving up your time or your money to help. God's love softens your heart. Changes your attitude. Makes you a new-and-improved version of your old self." This chapter seems to go hand in hand with the chapter "Unplug and tune in." My personal soapbox, we're all too plugged in and don't take time to enjoy the world or people around us. This chapter talks about how Satan doesn't need to get us to sin just to be plugged in and tune out God/people and then he is successful.
All in all a decent book, a worthy read if the format doesn't bother you.

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Melody said...

That's a very valid point. In fact, my sister just deleted her FB account for that very reason, being too "plugged in" made her feel like she was missing out. Definitely food for thought.

By the way, yesterday Wyatt informed me, "We need to go see Aunt Kawen. But she doesn't live at her house anymore, she lives in New Yoke." I agreed, we should go to New Yoke and visit. :)