Monday, November 1, 2010

but of course....a Halloween post!

So when you keep carved pumpkins inside a warm hotel room as opposed to on a cool Idaho porch they rot and start to smell quickly! (Our pumpkins only made it until Saturday night before I threw them out!)

The girls may just look like a Wizard and her cat but in actuality they were Gargamel and Azrael. To complete the ensemble I went as a Smurf. However, Brad wasn't here to take pictures of all of us together. The pictures I took of all of us with the camera's timer turned out a little too scary to share with the world. (Even for a Halloween post!The Smurf in them looked possessed or stoned.Yikes!)

"Azrael" (Yes, black instead of brown.)

"Gargamel" (She wore pink shoes instead of red, close enough)

"Gargamel and Azrael"

Being nice to the cat.

Out to get the Smurfs!

We attended the ward's chili cook-off and trunk-or-treat. Both girls got really into it and could LOUDLY say "Trick or Treat!" More then half the time they remember to say thank-you without any prompting. Besides the buckets of candy from the party, one of our maids brought them little Halloween bags full of goodies, and the front desk also had a goody bag for them on Halloween morning. Needless, to say we've been running on sugar around here for the last 2 days! (I've got to find a place to hide the loot!)
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Mary said...

They look so cute!

Yvonne Anderson said...

The girls were super excited to see these pictures. Matt had to let them watch some youtube smurf videos because of this.

MAK said...

I love that you did a smurf theme!